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The 2017 Event became a success - now it's time again for Swedish Ropen! Mark off 30 March 2019 in Your calendar if You want to participate in this year's Rope Access Event. Submit your application today!

30 march 2019


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Greatest Event of the year!

We proudly present the Rope Access Championship of 2019.
All levels welcome!

Rock n roll climbing

The competition is suitable for everyone with a valid certificate, regardless of level, and consists of Speed climb, Obstacle course and Pick-off rescue. By the end of the day, the finalists face a challenging problem-solving-task.

Rope Access Rules!!

And there are more than we who think so!
After the price cerenomy we open the bar and welcom our secret guest on stage!

Fantastic hall

And famous from TV! Parts of ”the Bridge” was recorded in this nasty industrial environment with 15 meters to the ceiling.


After the competition and the secret guest we start the barbecue. The participatory fee includes food and other hungry wolves can buy in xon a piece. Do not miss out!

Safety is all

Participants are assessed individually and the competition takes place on time with a stopwatch. Approved PPE, valid certificate and proper use of the equipment is required. Lack of safety leads to disqualification.


Contact us at swedishropen@klatterservice.se


Below you find the most important points of the event. Competitors should be present with certificate and PPE at 10.00, spectators may drop in whenever it suits.
Registration is mandatory for everybody.


Registration for participant, equipment inspection




Award ceremony


Secret guest on stage



When does this happen?

Saturday, March 30, 2019, 10:00 - 21:30


Lundavägen 147 in Malmö in a giant glass building
with 15 meters to taknock :)

David från Klätterservice

Organizers of this eminent championship

Klätterservice AB in cooperation with David Norell are the initiators of the Swedish Ropen.

In 2007, he founded the company Klätterservice, which performs professional craft assignments from rope. David has competed in international competitions in Rope Access and is certified SPRAT Level 3 Supervisor and Evaluator

Our partners

Vår samarbetspartner Rallco AB

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Yes, of course I want to join and CLIMB on this amazing event!

The cost of participating is 400 SEK and includes interesting presentations, fantastic food (simple lunch and BBQ) and a wonderful togetherness.

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Yes, of course I want to join in as a SPECTATOR on this amazing event! And I really like that it's free to me and that the organizer donates money to the Nature Conservation Association just to see me! *

* Yes, Rope Access makes the world a little bit better! It is more environmentally friendly compared to the Scaffolding and cherrypickers. We want to emphasize this by donating a sum per spectator to the Nature Conservation Association. You can of course also donate money. Check it out!